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Str8ts Books Combo

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Special Christmas offer: Get both Str8ts puzzle books together. Shipping costs to Canada reduced to one book.
"Str8ts Book 1 & 2".

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Each book contains:

4 x 4 Str8ts8 Puzzles
6x6 Str8ts4 Puzzles
Str8ts - Easy40 Puzzles
Str8st - Moderate44 Puzzles
Str8ts - Tough44 Puzzles
Str8ts - Diabolical44 Puzzles
Str8ts - Extreme8 Puzzles
Letterlicious1 Puzzle
$9.99US / $9.99CND
(£5.99) each

Str8ts - Book 1 & 2 by Jeff Widderich & Andrew C Stuart
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